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frequently asked questions

Question 1. What can you do for me that a regular store doesn't offer?

Question 2. I notice I cannot order any clothes online. Why?

Question 3. Can I schedule an on-site visit with your master tailor in my home or office?

Question 4. What is your price range?

Question 5. Do I have to get re-measured every time I pick something out?

Question 6. Where will my clothes be made?

Question 7. When I place my order, can I choose different styles? Is it possible to request different collars, cuffs, pockets or other unique features on my shirts?

Question 8. Can I use different fabrics?

Question 9. I'm a bit hesitant to order custom shirts - I worry about the fit..!!

Question 10. Does Lucky Man Fashion offer a guarantee?

Question 11. Are new fabrics available frequently?

Question 12. What are the differences among the fabrics that you offer?

Question 13. Does each and every customer get his own personalized pattern?

Question 14. Can I order white collars and/or cuffs?

Question 15. Do I need to worry about shrinkage?

Question 16. Will my shirt tails be long enough?

Question 17. Is it possible for you to duplicate the fit of a favorite shirt, suit, pants or dress in my wardrobe?

Question 18. What's the difference between 'Non Fused' and 'Fused' ?

Question 19. Do you share your customer list with other companies?

Question 20. Can I speak to someone in management?

Question 21. How long does it take to receive my order?

Question 22. Do your shirts come with removable or permanent stays?

Question 23. I have a friend who wants to talk to you about building his wardrobe. How can he get in touch?

Question 24. How are you different from the other custom tailors who advertise on the Internet? Why should I choose you?

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