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Suits, sport coats, trousers and shirts sold in stores are not made for any particular person, they are made to fit a mannequin. If you are the same size as the form that's used for a standard suit, then you are fortunate. But many of us are not a standard size-one arm may be longer than the other, if we work out we may have more "drop" between chest and waistline than the so-called "standard", or for any reason we might be hard to fit. Instead of attempting to alter a suit made for a mannequin to fit you, try clothing that's made just for you by Lucky Man Fashion; that has everything you want in your clothes and fits you perfectly.

With tailored clothes, you can have everything you want! Do you like to have a small "ticket" pocket in your suit jacket? Done! How about a small pocket for a pen and pencil inside the coat? Done! What sort of pleats would you like on the trousers? Done! Or would you like us to advise on the best styles for you? We can give honest advice because we can make any style and any feature. We won't sell you a garment that's already made for someone else. Lucky Man Fashion is an expert who can advise you on U.S. & European fashions, and his tailors can put any chosen features into your clothes.

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